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how to eat healthily in a restaurant10 rules to eat healthily when you dine out

How to treat yourself without feeling guilty

We all love eating out. No preparation. No washing up. A relaxed, happy atmosphere with good company and good wine. Whether you are dining as a couple, with family, or as a group of friends or club members, an evening out being served with your favourite food is a treat.

Here on the South of Costa Blanca, we’re blessed more than most. There are many great restaurants in Torrevieja to choose from, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to dine out. But dining out also comes with a warning. It’s easy to go off track with your diet. Food prepared by a top chef is hard to resist.

To help you enjoy your eating out experience, here are ten tips for healthy eating when you dine out.

The healthy eating rules of dining out

1.Choose your restaurant first

Don’t leave the house without knowing where you are eating. Once you’ve decided on the restaurant, phone ahead and book. You don’t want to be disappointed when you get there.

2.Decide what you will eat before you open the menu

Look at the restaurant’s menu on their website. Decide what it is you will eat that evening before you arrive at the restaurant. There are some foods that are better than others for the health conscious:

  • Steaks. Yes, steaks can be healthy! Visit a restaurant that serves high-quality meat. Accompany a lean steak with fresh seasonal vegetables. Don’t go overboard on chips and onion rings.
  • Seafood. Fish is a great option for the healthy eater. However, opt for poached or grilled fish, rather than deep fried. Yes, the batter is fantastic on the traditional British fish and chips on a Friday; your waistline will confirm this. Instead of beer batter, accompany your fish with a good sauce: our fish dishes are always a popular choice for the health conscious.
  • Choose chicken. Chicken doesn’t have to be served plain or roasted. For meat lovers, chicken is a healthier option, and when served marinated in Cajun spices with a savoury Italian Arrabbiata sauce – well, let’s just say that your taste buds will fizzle while you preserve your middle.

3.Ask the waiter!

Don’t be afraid to ask your waiter or waitress for their recommendation. If you have particular dietary needs, let them know what they are, and ask for options to suit them. We get asked to accommodate all types of diet. You won’t be the first to ask us, and you won’t be the last.

If you simply want a healthier option, let the waiter guide you through what choices are best from the menu. If the menu says ‘served with dauphinoise potatoes’, ask for new potatoes instead.

4.Choose a healthier starter

Instead of a carb-packed starter, choose the vegetarian option. If you decide on the soup, forego the bread (even though crusty bread is delicious). Select seafood instead of the steak starter.

5.Always order first

When the waiter comes to your table to take your order, step in first. This way, you’ll put your order in before hearing the choices that others have made. The temptation to change your mind will be gone.

6.Skip dessert

If you are eating healthily, skip dessert. Get into the habit of saying ‘no’. Don’t even look at the menu! If others who are eating with you take a dessert, order a coffee to have while they are eating.

7.Order water for the table

Water is a great drink to accompany a meal if you are healthy eating. If you are drinking wine too, alternate between water and wine.

8.Eat more slowly

Eating slowly gives your body more time to digest, and allows your brain to realise you are full. If you’ve ever had that ‘completely stuffed’ feeling after you’ve eaten, it’s because you’ve eaten too much, and this is because you’ve eaten too quickly. Difficult in restaurants that try to turn over your table quickly. Here at Christopher’s, you have the table for as long as you want it during evening service (the exception to the rule is Sunday Lunch, when we accommodate two sittings).

9.Take a doggy bag home

You don’t have to eat everything on your plate. And it doesn’t have to be wasted, either. Just ask the waitress for your leftovers to be wrapped to take home. You’ll avoid that bloated feeling, and have a tasty treat in your fridge.

10.Remember you are allowed a treat now and then

You’re only human. What is life if it is not to be enjoyed? If you go off track with one evening out, you can always get back on track tomorrow. It’s not a criminal offence. Now, have I told you about our homemade desserts, served with your choice of pouring cream, ice cream, or custard?

Why not treat yourself to a great fine dining experience with us here at Christopher’s? Our first anniversary is fast approaching. We’d love to have you celebrate with us, enjoy the special entertainment, a glass of Cava on arrival, and the chance to win Sunday Lunch for two. To make certain that you don’t miss out, call us on (+34) 600 01 28 24 to book your table for our first anniversary event on Wednesday, February 28th 2018.

Yours in fine dining,



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