fbpx 7 Reasons to eat at Torrevieja restaurants that serve seasonal vegetables

fresh seasonal vegetables in Torrevieja

7 Reasons to eat at Torrevieja restaurants that serve seasonal vegetables

With so much great produce locally, who wouldn’t serve fresh veg?

It really annoys me when I visit some of the best restaurants in Torrevieja and find they serve no fresh seasonal vegetables. I’m sure it does you, too. After all, seasonal vegetables taste better, are better for you, and are better for the community.

There are so many reasons why chefs should only prepare seasonal vegetables, and why you should eat only at restaurants that serve them. Here are seven of those reasons.

1.      Seasonal vegetables taste better

Seasonal vegetables are fresher. They are crisper, sweeter, and served when they are ripe. If you moved here from the UK, one of the first differences you may have encountered is how salads taste. This is because fruit and vegetables that have been naturally ripened are more flavourful.

Crops that travel a long way before being placed on supermarket shelves need to be picked early. They need chilling during transportation, and then artificially ripened before being sold. Flavours and textures change. Seasonal locally sourced vegetables don’t suffer this abuse. They are as fresh as they can be, with little distance and time from the field to your plate.

2.      Seasonal vegetables are better for you

When you eat fresh vegetables, you benefit from all they have to offer. They are higher in nutritional value, and higher in antioxidants and carotenes. Vegetables that are stored decline in all these benefits. Non-seasonal fruit and vegetables may be gassed and irradiated to make them last longer, and then preserved in a thin wax coating. If all that sounds horrible, it’s because it is.

3.      Seasonal vegetables don’t need to be sprayed with…

Fruit and vegetables from overseas may have been sprayed with a cocktail of contaminants. Other countries don’t work to the same rules about pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides. Soils and water may be contaminated. This is why some countries like Australia have extremely strict food importation rules.

4.      Seasonal vegetables provide nutritional needs

We’re blessed here in Spain. We have a near year-round supply of citrus fruits. Perfect to fight colds and flu. Stone fruits are high in beta-carotenes to help protect against the sun. Then there is the locally produced olive oil, and the salad vegetables that are available all year. Whether it is in a cold summer salad, a warming winter soup, or a side dish to the main event, you’ll find seasonal vegetables add the nutritional oomph that your body needs.

5.      Seasonal vegetables are better for the environment

Seasonal vegetables are locally produced. They require less spraying, less refrigeration, fewer hot houses, and less irradiation. And because they are local, transporting them doesn’t pour hundreds of tonnes of carbon pollutants into the atmosphere.

6.      Seasonal vegetables provide greater variety in your diet

Do you ever get board of eating the same food, day in, day out, week in, week out? Not if you eat seasonal. You’ll benefit from different nutrients and different taste experiences as the year progresses. Your diet will be better balanced – and so will you!

7.      Seasonal vegetables support the local economy

Sourcing local produce, like the potatoes we use to make (probably) the best roast potatoes in a Torrevieja restaurant, makes sense for all. Fresh fruit and vegetables are better for you. They are better for the environment. And, importantly, it is a better strategy to help support the local economy. The farmers and agricultural workers where we live. Our friends, suppliers, and community.

We’re blessed with local, seasonal produce

If you’ve ever noticed the fields in Valencia, Murcia, and Andalusia, you’ll see that they are packed with crops of all types, almost all year. Thus, we are able to offer such variety and consistency of fresh produce here at Christopher’s in Torrevieja.

In addition to all the above benefits of serving seasonal vegetables to you, from a selfish point of view, they are better to work with. We can be more creative, knowing that we are offering the very best food to our guests here at Christopher’s, Torrevieja. Fresher, brighter, better for the economy, and better for you – that’s seasonal vegetables.

Check out our menus. Be assured that you will be served fresh seasonal vegetables. To ensure you don’t miss out, call us on (+34) 600 01 28 24 to boo your table.

Gastronomically yours,



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