fbpx 5 things you didn’t know about eating lobster

eating lobster can have health benefits

A healthy luxury – and for January only, at an affordable price

Lobster is one of life’s luxuries that urges you to take another bite. You can eat it with a variety of accompaniments, or mix it with pasta, potatoes, or eggs Benedict. It is great as a snack, and even better as a main course – especially when the main course is part of what may be the best-priced three-course extravaganza on the Orihuela Costa in January. (more…)


lobster and steak dinner

Luxury doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg

What better time of year is there than January to be a little romantic? The buzz of Christmas and New Year’s Eve has passed, the nights aren’t yet drawing out, and there’s a chill in the air. Time to get cosy by the fire, watch a good film, or, perhaps, enjoy a great lobster dinner at one of Torrevieja’s top-rated restaurants. (more…)


lobster is luxury and expensive

And where can you get a three-course lobster meal for €18.95?

A lobster dinner is a great choice for a special occasion or a romantic dinner, but it’s not so good for your pocket. Here on the Orihuela Costa, it’s common to pay between €40 and €50 for a lobster menu – with starters and desserts on top of this.

Our popular Ultimate Surf and Turf (an 8-ounce fillet served with fresh lobster thermidor style) is €49.95 – which, including starters and mains, is great value for money. But this January, we’re offering a three-course lobster, steak or chicken meal for just €18.95. More about this in a moment. First, why is lobster so damned expensive? (more…)


checking if lobster is fresh when buying

Or simply enjoy a three-course lobster meal for less than €20

To help people celebrate the beginning of a New Year, we’ve got a special steak and lobster menu for you all through January – and available during both lunch and dinner services. More about this special menu in a moment. First, I thought I’d share a few tips on how to buy and store fresh lobster. (more…)


fresh fish and seafoodOctober is here – time for a seafood extravaganza

Six reasons you should enjoy more seafood in your diet

You may not know it, but October is Seafood Month in the United States. Therefore, this month we’re turning our blog over to a celebration of the sea and all it has to offer the discerning diner. We’re kicking off with six reasons you should enjoy more seafood in your diet. (more…)


Dover Sole on a plate deliciousNever eaten Dover sole? Here’s all you need to know.

The taste sensation of true Dover sole

Of all the fish eaten today, the Dover sole is one of the most expensive. It is also one of the most delicious, with a unique taste and texture. Despite pan-fried Dover sole being our most expensive fish dish (€31.95 for three courses), it remains one of our most popular. Comments on TripAdvisor include:

“Had the Dover sole tonight and it was absolutely outstanding.” Jean J

“My husband’s steak was cooked to perfection and my Dover sole was delicious.” CheekyLondon

If you’ve never eaten Dover sole, you are missing one of the best treats in life. Here’s a little info about this majestic fish to whet your appetite. (more…)


spilled salt on table

7 food superstitions you must remember

Money, death, pregnancy… what does your food say about your future?

Being a chef, I’m always interested to hear about new ways to cook and different ways to combine food. I’m also interested in those old wives’ tales and superstitions surrounding food. Why is it that people throw salt over their left shoulder?

Here are seven of the best food superstitions I’ve collected over the years. Some may be familiar to you, others not so familiar. But you’d be wise to take note of them all… wouldn’t you? (more…)


street procession fiesta time

What to do in Torrevieja this weekend

The Fiesta de la Virgen de Fátima – Spanish street party at its best

Now that most of the summer tourists have departed, and the roads are a little easier to navigate, and while the weather is still warm enough for outdoor activities, you may be looking for something to do this coming weekend in the Torrevieja area. How about experiencing traditional Spanish festivities, without travelling too far? (more…)


Blues Brothers classic in black and whiteThe Blues Brothers return to Christopher’s in Torrevieja – time for an orange whip!

One night only – accompanied by a custom-made dessert

It was such a great night last time, we’ve decided to do it again! The ‘Blues Brothers’ are back in town, and they are here in Christopher’s. One night only, Wednesday September 26th.

Last time round, when the Blues Brothers tribute played here in June, I wrote about the link between food, the Blues Brothers, and Torrevieja. You may remember four fried chickens and a coke – the classic order placed by Jake and Elwood Blues when they visited the Soul Food Café. Well, it’s not only food that the film made famous. There’s a certain cocktail that was the favourite of Burton Mercer, played by John Candy. In the concert scene, he ordered three orange whips. But why? (more…)


fusion food roast lamb

Fusing Mediterranean and European for a dining sensation

Locals and holidaymakers in Torrevieja on the Costa Blanca face the same problems when dining in Spain: how on earth do you eat healthily? All that ice cream, churros and chocolate is a definite road to an expanding waistline. Yet, when you have been living in this part of the world for a few years, you realise that the Spanish in this area are among the healthiest in the world.

As a chef, I’m very interested in diet, and how and what people eat. At Christopher’s, I’ve had the chance to develop a menu that is English/European in style, but taking some of the best Spanish culinary traditions to create a hearty and healthy dining experience for our guests. It’s more of a Mediterranean fusion than meets the eye. (more…)


Relaxing at dinner enjoying company like the Spanish

Relax with a fine dining experience the locals love

People who live in Mediterranean countries have a different attitude to evening meals. They see the evening as one to be enjoyed. A time for families and friends to chat, nibble on desserts, and relax. To unwind and savour each other’s company at the end of an eventful day. (more…)


wines for dessert on tableRound off a relaxed evening with a perfect wine choice

When you dine with us here at Christopher’s, you’ll find we’re a little different to most restaurants in Torrevieja. Especially during the summer months. For most restaurants, the goal is to turnover as many tables as possible. The evening generally goes something like this:

  • Get you in and sit you down
  • Take your order and serve your drinks
  • Serve your courses as quickly as possible
  • Give you your bill, and send you on your way

When you dine with us, our main aim is not to fill tables two, three, or four times an evening; it is to ensure you have a pleasant, relaxing experience.

When you sit down for dinner at Christopher’s, you have the table for the whole evening, if you wish. And that means taking your time over dessert. What better way to do so than with a fantastic dessert wine?

Here are our tips to choose which wine to pair with your dessert, as you enjoy the company of your guests without the pressure to vacate the table. (more…)


Rees sings at Christopher's Restaurant

Music and merriment while you dine with the relaxation of a native Mediterranean

For an evening of fantastic food, wonderful wine, and delicious desserts, you’d be hard pushed to find a better venue than Christopher’s in Mar Azul. For several years now, we have been rated as one of Torrevieja’s top five restaurants of 263 in the mid-range, fine-dining category on TripAdvisor.

Our philosophy is different to most other restaurants, too. We won’t rush you during your evening meal to get more diners in and out the door. We want everyone to relax like locals when they are our guests. When you reserve your table at Christopher’s, you are free to sit, relax, and enjoy the rest of the evening at your leisure. What better way to do so with live entertainment? (more…)


cooking restaurant quality steak on a barbecue

Seven simple tips to cook a restaurant-quality steak

You’ll never cook steak the same way again

A friend of mine invited me to a barbecue a few weeks ago. A perfect day in the paradise that is the Orihuela Costa. The sun was shining, the drink flowing, and the coals were hot. Marinated chicken skewers, homemade burgers, and blue cheese stuffed chicken breasts. A glorious selection of meat, to be topped off by the pièce de résistance, prime sirloin steak.

“Neil,” my friend called to me. “I know it’s your day off, but could you give me a hand, please?”

“What’s the matter, lad?” I asked.

“It’s the steak. I can never cook it anywhere near restaurant quality. I know it’s a bit cheeky, but could you give me some pointers?”

Here are the seven simple tips to cook a restaurant-quality steak that I shared with him. (more…)


glass of red wine spilled on white tablecloth

How do restaurants clean up those red wine spills?

The stain removal method to save your best linens

While it’s not a common event, all restaurants suffer from the odd glass of red wine spilt at the table. Here at Christopher’s – as at many other of Torrevieja’s best fine dining restaurants – we use white linen tablecloths to dress the table. Even the odd red wine spot could ruin one of these tablecloths. That would be very expensive over the course of a year.

Here’s our secret to keeping our linen in pristine condition, even after those red wine accidents. And it’s a method you can use at home, too. (more…)


different glasses of wine for fine dining

Enhance any dining out experience with these simple wine rules

Tease your taste buds by matching wine to cooking style

Choosing the wine to accompany your dinner can be a difficult decision. Do you go with the old favourite, and hope it will enhance the variety of meals about to be served? Or should you order by the glass, to ensure taste and bouquet gives your meal that extra zing?

When it comes to white meat, most people think white wine; but it’s not always the best combination. In this article, I’ll explain which wines pair well with different poultry. You’ll also learn about using the method of cooking as a wine pairing pointer. (more…)


mint sauce in a gravy boat

Three meats, three sauces – and how to make them in three steps

Take your Sunday roast to another level

A great Sunday lunch in Torrevieja is as much a tradition as it is in the UK. One way to transport a delicious cut of meat to “Wow! Give me more!” is with a superb sauce. You’re about to spend hours preparing and cooking a fine Sunday roast, it’s worth putting a little effort into the sauce. Fortunately, you can make a spectacular sauce at home without slaving away in the kitchen.

Here are three sauces for three traditional roasting joints. Each can be made in three easy steps. (more…)


table laid in fine dining restaurant

When did you last dine at a top-five fine dining restaurant in Torrevieja?

“It’s great to know that your excellent meal is going to cost such a reasonable price”

There are many different styles of fine dining. As we described in a recent article, the best fine dining experience in Torrevieja is usually American. But, whatever the style of service, fine dining at its best has some common characteristics – the table will be pre-laid, and you should expect unobtrusive and attentive service. (more…)


fresh seasonal vegetables in Torrevieja

7 Reasons to eat at Torrevieja restaurants that serve seasonal vegetables

With so much great produce locally, who wouldn’t serve fresh veg?

It really annoys me when I visit some of the best restaurants in Torrevieja and find they serve no fresh seasonal vegetables. I’m sure it does you, too. After all, seasonal vegetables taste better, are better for you, and are better for the community.

There are so many reasons why chefs should only prepare seasonal vegetables, and why you should eat only at restaurants that serve them. Here are seven of those reasons. (more…)


fine dining in Torrevieja

The best fine dining experience in Torrevieja is usually American!

What is fine dining? Many restauranteurs can’t answer this question. Most diners can’t, yet they instinctively know when they have had a fine dining experience.

Here are a few ‘rules’ of fine dining, and six ways in which the fine dining experience may be served. You’ll soon learn that most of your fine dining experiences in Torrevieja (and elsewhere) will be American. No, not American food! American style of service. (more…)


Blues Brothers perform in Torrevieja

What’s the link between food, The Blues Brothers, and Torrevieja?

When it first hit the big screen in 1980, The Blues Brothers immediately became a cult classic. It’s a modern musical, packed with everything you could wish for in a film: action, car chases, good versus evil, and a touch of romance. And a bagful of comedy. One of a kind. Its uniqueness is what makes it so memorable.

And who can forget the food order given by Jake Blues at the Soul Food Café? (more…)


how to pair wine with food

Wine and food pairing rules for dining out… and in

A simple guide to sweeten your dining experience

Whether dining out or having friends round for a celebration, one of the choices that many people find most difficult is which wine to pair with which food. So, instead of serving a wine that really makes the taste of a meal pop, they fall back on the old favourites. The meal is still good, but it’s not as good as it could be.

In this article, you will learn seven simple wine pairing rules that will take your dining experience to a new level. (more…)


Roast potatoes Torrevieja Restaurat

Are these the best roast potatoes in a Torrevieja restaurant?

When writing her TripAdvisor review of the Sunday lunch she had enjoyed at Christopher’s, Denise South said it was the “best roast meal in the area”, and remarked that “the vegetables are perfectly cooked… no overcooked soggy veg here and the roast potatoes fab…. without question the most outstanding for quality.”

However, while we receive hundreds of rave reviews (and are consistently rated in the top 10 restaurants in Torrevieja, with 93% of diners rating us as very good or excellent on TripAdvisor), as Abraham Lincoln said, you can’t please all the people all of the time. Sometimes even when it comes to roast potatoes, it seems!

Frozen roast potatoes? Never here, madam!



What wine should you pair with red meat?

what wine with which red meat

I’ve recently been writing about how to pair wine with different foods. In previous blogs, I’ve looked at:

One of our guests recently scolded me for this. He had chosen the fillet steak from our Menu de Luxe, and couldn’t decide which wine to accompany it. “Of course, if you wrote a blog about wines and red meats instead of wines and fish, which I never eat, I wouldn’t have this trouble!” he told me.

So here it is. A blog to describe which types of red wine you should select to go with your red meat when you dine out in Torrevieja. (more…)


How do you find a great Sunday lunch in Torrevieja?

Sunday Lunch at Christopher's

Sunday: the time to rest with a great roast on the Orihuela Costa

Sunday. Traditionally the day of rest. The last thing you want to do, whether you’re an expat living on the Orihuela Costa or a holidaymaker here, is slave over a hot oven to prepare your Sunday lunch. Why put that apron on to peel potatoes and baste the bird? And all that washing up after? Surely your Sunday shouldn’t be such a bore and a chore?

You deserve to be happy on a Sunday. If you want to know what that sounds like, take a stroll past Christopher’s Restaurant in Mar Azul during Sunday lunch hours. Between the assorted accents, chinking of glasses, and clinking of cutlery, you’ll hear what Brits love doing best – enjoying their beloved Sunday lunch. (more…)


Music and dinner in Torrevieja

Where can you find magical music and delectable dinner in Torrevieja?

8 reasons why you’ll feel great after our next live music event

It can be difficult to find a single venue where you can enjoy live music and fine dining together in Torrevieja. Often, this means you must rush your dinner, and then travel on to another venue to sate your appetite for a spot of music and dancing.

Here at Christopher’s Restaurant, we’re known for the quality of the food we serve and our award-winning front of house service (Costa Blanca People Culinary Awards 2016). By popular demand, once a month this year, we’re extending our menu to include live music, allowing our guests to enjoy memorable music in the relaxed atmosphere of their favourite restaurant.

Here are eight reasons why you’ll feel great after joining us for this month’s evening of magical music and delectable dining on Wednesday 25th April. (more…)


How do you find a great place to eat in Torrevieja?

Christopher's Restaurant Certificate of Excellence

Hundreds of 5-star reviews are your clue to a quality restaurant experience

Wherever you decide to dine out, you should expect a delicious meal and enjoy it in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. But there’s more to it than this. So, what makes Christopher’s Restaurant one of Torrevieja’s best (TripAdvisor)?

In this article, I might be giving away a few of our secrets. Then again, it’s what our guests tell TripAdvisor makes Christopher’s their number one restaurant for dining out in Torrevieja, whether it’s an evening meal or a Sunday lunch. (more…)


What do those allergen symbols mean on restaurant menus?

How to find your food intolerance and enjoy eating out every time

On our new Restaurante Christopher’s menu, you’ll notice that we’ve included new allergy symbols. Most are straightforward to understand – a picture of a nut, or a milk bottle, an ear of wheat, a fish… and so on. If you aren’t sure which applies to you, we’ve included descriptions in our menu.

If you have an allergy or an intolerance to certain foods, the allergy symbols should help you decide on a delicious dish that won’t bring you out in a rash or cause stomach cramps. In this post, I’ll tell you what each symbol means, and you’ll learn the difference between an allergy and an intolerance. (more…)


Costa Blanca Culinary Award WinnersThe choice of where to eat in Torrevieja just got easier

A new menu at Christopher’s is set to be a diner’s delight

We’ve got a fantastic new menu for diners at Christopher’s for spring and summer 2018, and we’re showcasing it on Wednesday 28th March, when we also welcome back Rees to entertain guests as we provide another evening of fine dining and magical music.

Making your menu choice easier

We’ve listened to people who dine with us and switched things up a bit. Our new menu retains many of the dishes that have become favourites with our guests, and includes some new additions. We’ll still add in the occasional special, when we can source premium quality meat, poultry, game, and fish. The big change we’ve made is in how you choose your menu. Gone is the individual pricing, per course and per dish. Now you choose between three menus, each offering superb value.



what wine to pair with what sauceHow to choose your wine for dinner: choose the sauce first!

Pair wonderful wines with sauce selections for a taste explosion

As we’re in the second week of National Sauce Month, I thought I’d write about how to choose your wine for the sauce accompanying your meal. You see, most people select the wine based upon the type of meat or fish they are eating. Considering the sauce first puts a refreshing spin on making your wine selection.



Why do chefs love saucesWhy do chefs add sauces to restaurant dishes?

4 reasons we chefs love our sauces

Why sauces are added to food is a question that I get asked regularly. Of course, there are those who have their favourite sauce with everything. It’s not uncommon for kids to smother both meat and vegetables with tomato sauce – even their baked beans! Then there are those who prefer their food without the sauce. I wouldn’t want to tell you how to take your food, but those at either end of the spectrum may be missing out on a taste sensation. But it’s not only to complement flavours that we add sauces.



mother saucesNational Sauce Month comes to Torrevieja

Five mother sauces give birth to hundreds of offspring

March is National Sauce Month in the United States, which got me thinking – just how many sauces are there? The answer is hundreds, if not thousands. A great sauce takes any food to another level. Think about it, and you’ll realise that you know at least one person who has a certain sauce with practically every food they eat.

Yep, a sauce is often the key that unlocks the real flavour of our food. Yet, most people don’t make their own sauces. It’s so easy to buy a ready-made sauce from the supermarket, or a packet to which you simply add water, that we’re losing the art of making sauces at home.

In this post, I’ll take a quick look at what are called the five mother sauces – from which most hot sauces are derived. (more…)


what wine should you drink with fish?What wine should you pair with fish when dining in a Torrevieja restaurant?

Look beyond Chardonnay for exciting fish/wine combinations

If you’re eating healthily when you dine out, you may choose to have one of our flavourful fish dishes rather than meat. Just because you are eating fish, you don’t have to stick to the standby of Chardonnay as the accompanying wine. These wine and fish pairings may take you out of your comfort zone and away from your regular choice of wine. They will also enhance your experience, delighting your taste buds as the flavours of the wine and fish explode in your mouth.



how to eat healthily in a restaurant10 rules to eat healthily when you dine out

How to treat yourself without feeling guilty

We all love eating out. No preparation. No washing up. A relaxed, happy atmosphere with good company and good wine. Whether you are dining as a couple, with family, or as a group of friends or club members, an evening out being served with your favourite food is a treat.

Here on the South of Costa Blanca, we’re blessed more than most. There are many great restaurants in Torrevieja to choose from, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to dine out. But dining out also comes with a warning. It’s easy to go off track with your diet. Food prepared by a top chef is hard to resist.

To help you enjoy your eating out experience, here are ten tips for healthy eating when you dine out.



One of the best restaurants in Torrevieja is 1 year old!

Reserve a table for treats at our 1st anniversary event


Christopher’s Restaurant is one year old on March 1st 2018. “One year old?” I hear you ask. “But hasn’t it got a reputation as one of Torrevieja’s best restaurants that stretches back more than 10 years?” you ponder.



Valentine's Day DinnerIs this the perfect Valentine’s Evening in Torrevieja?

How to make Valentine’s Day 2018 one to remember

Valentine’s Day is upon us. How are you going to show your Valentine how much you care? How about a romantic stroll on a moonlit beach? In February. In Torrevieja. Best put your gloves, thermals, and scarf on. And don’t forget that extra-thick turtleneck jumper. Mmm… doesn’t sound like the romantic evening you’d planned.

Here’s a better idea. A romantic meal for two in one of Torrevieja’s best restaurants. Celebrate with a bottle of fine wine, or treat yourselves to a bottle of bubbly. We’re adding a couple of very special dishes to our à la carte menu for the evening. You won’t be disappointed. But before I tell you about them, do you know how Valentine’s Day got its name?



Potato dishes7 ways to cook potatoes for National Potato Lover’s Month

Transform a simple spud to a stunning side

The humble potato. It’s a staple ingredient of most main courses, but one that is underrated by many. The average Brit eats three each day. And in the United States, they celebrate their versatility with a whole month dedicated to potato lovers. Yes, February is National Potato Lover’s Month. This discovery got me thinking about potatoes, and how you can turn them from bland to brilliant.

So here are seven ways you can cook your potatoes and make them the main attraction of any main course.



Lobster Thermidor in TorreviejaJanuary 24th – It’s Lobster Thermidor Day!

And what better way to celebrate than at a top fine dining restaurant in Torrevieja?

Oh boy, do we have a special day coming up on Wednesday 24th January. Not only do we have an evening of fine dining and magical music for our guests here at Christopher’s Restaurant, but it’s also National Lobster Thermidor Day in the United States! So, I thought, to mark the occasion, I’d let you in on a few ‘Thermidor facts’ you may not know.



Irish coffee at Christopher's RestaurantHow to make the perfect liquor coffee

7 steps to make an incredible Irish coffee every time

Is there a better way to round off a terrific winter evening out (or in) than with a warm and comforting liquor coffee? If there is, I’ve yet to find it. If it’s the weather to start a fine three-course treat with a wholesome, homemade soup, it’s the weather for a cracking Irish coffee to end.

In this post, I’m going to show you how to make the perfect Irish coffee.



fine dining soupJanuary Fine Dining in Torrevieja – The Weather for Soups!

7 Tips to create ‘More, sir’ soups

It’s that time of year again. Christmas and New Year have been and gone, and here on the Costa Blanca we know the weather is about to turn positively chilly. Hopefully we won’t have a repeat of last year’s snow (the first in around 90 years).

In the restaurant kitchen, it’s time to turn our attention to the traditional winter warmer – hearty homemade soups are on the menu big style. Here are a few of our secrets of how to make soup, and why they are rated so highly by reviewers of Torrevieja’s best restaurants.



evening out in TorreviejaFancy an evening of fine dining and magical music?

Our first special event of 2018 promises to be a memorable evening

Have you ever been out for the evening, expecting the best in dining and entertainment and been disappointed? Me too. Either the food lacks flavour or the vocalist lacks a voice. It can be difficult to find a restaurant in Torrevieja that delivers on the promise of a special night out.

In 2018, Restaurante Christopher is changing this. We’re going to bring you special events evenings. Exceptional menus that live up to our billing as one of the best restaurants in Torrevieja, with entertainment that complements our reputation perfectly.

Our first evening of song and sustenance is set for Wednesday 24th January.



things to do in torreviejaThings to do in Torrevieja in the winter – is this the perfect day out?

Romantic walks, empty beaches, fantastic fine dining, late night shopping… and more

Christmas and the weeks leading up to it can be magical anywhere, especially if you get to experience wonderful things to do. In Torrevieja, you’ll find plenty to suit all tastes. Whether you want to spend an afternoon on the beach, take evening walks with a sensational sunset as a backdrop, do a little shopping ahead of the big day, or take the kids out for the day, this part of Spain offers it all. And to top it off, you can eat in style at a more than reasonable cost in one of many fantastic restaurants in Torrevieja.



New Years Eve at Christophers TorreviejaDo something different this New Year’s Eve – something you should have done last year

New Year’s Eve. The night when we say goodbye to the old, and welcome in the new. Yet so often a disappointment.

In days gone by, before children and grandchildren, you may have been the life and soul of the party. Dancing the night away to loud music, on crowded floors. Bumping and barging were all part and parcel of the fun. The odd spilt beer and best suit ruined by red wine were no more than war wounds of a great night, half of which needed to be pieced together over the next six months.

What you really crave is a more civilised passage from one year to the next. You want to enjoy good food accompanied by a good bottle of wine. Perhaps a glass or two of bubbly. And definitely in the company of family and good friends.



enjoying a group dinner at a restaurant8 tips to enjoy a restaurant dinner with friends this Christmas

Celebrate in style, with the service you expect and deserve

The Christmas and New Year period is a great time for families. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to spend time with friends. What better way than to enjoy a pre-Christmas dinner at a fine dining restaurant?

The couple of hours you spend together as a group is better than any present under the tree. Recall your best memories from the last 12 months. Reminisce about those who are no longer with us. Chat about your big plans for next year.

In a nutshell, eat, drink, and be merry!

Unfortunately, group dinners (or lunches) can also run into roadblocks. The restaurant doesn’t have space for those two additional guests you invited a couple of days ago. There’s a problem when splitting the bill. The service wasn’t quite what you expected.

Here’s a few restaurant etiquette tips to help you avoid such problems when you dine with a big group.



Dine at Christopher's Restaurant TorreviejaThank your staff and customers with a cracking Christmas Fayre at Christopher’s

As the holiday season approaches, Orihuela Costa’s best companies are treating their staff (and best customers) to a Christmas lunch or dinner. It’s the perfect way to say thanks for their dedication, service, and loyalty during the last 12 months. And it doesn’t have to break the bank, either.

Here’s how to make this Christmas extra special for your employees and customers…



secrets to make the perfect meat pieHow to cook the perfect pie on the Orihuela Costa

Now the clocks have gone back, even here in Spain the nights are drawing in. Dark evenings with a chill in the air make me think back to the best of family times. All of us sitting around the dining table, chatting and enjoying each other’s company, while feasting on proper ‘comfort food’. Thick soups and broths made with the freshest seasonal vegetables, straight from the garden. Creamy casseroles. Homecooked stew and dumplings. Meals that only your mum can make.

My favourite was always the pies. A tasty filling of slow cooked meat, encased in a crumbly pastry. Steak and Kidney. Chicken and mushroom. Beef and Ale. My mouth is watering just thinking about them.

As a tribute to everyone’s mother’s home cooking – the incredible food we all grew up with – this autumn and winter we’ll be serving homecooked pies, made with the finest ingredients. In this blog, I’m going to let you in on a couple of my secrets for making the perfect pie.



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