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checking if lobster is fresh when buying

Or simply enjoy a three-course lobster meal for less than €20

To help people celebrate the beginning of a New Year, we’ve got a special steak and lobster menu for you all through January – and available during both lunch and dinner services. More about this special menu in a moment. First, I thought I’d share a few tips on how to buy and store fresh lobster.

How do you buy the best fresh lobster?

Here are a couple of pointers that will help you buy the best fresh lobster here on the Orihuela Costa.

1.      Ask for recommendations

Ask your friends, family and friendly local restauranteurs where they buy their lobsters. It’s not a dish that you’ll eat every day (see our article ‘Why is lobster so damned expensive?’ to see one reason why), but as a treat now and then it’s a perfect dish for a special occasion or a romantic meal.

With luck, the recommendations will provide you with big clues as to where to visit for a lobster to cook at home.

2.      Check the lobster’s reaction when buying

Lobsters can speak. OK, not so that you can hear, but they do have a sort of sign language that you can understand. When you are buying lobster, make sure you handle the goods before you pay:

  • Pick the lobster up by its sides
  • Look for the tail to immediately curl under its body

If this happens, you’ve got yourself a nice, juicy, fresh lobster.

A bonus tip here: if you are buying more than one lobster and plan to store them together, never remove the tape that binds their pincers. Lobsters are cannibals. Release those pincers, and your lobsters will soon eat each other.

Storing your lobster

It is best to cook and eat lobster on the day it is bought – which is why we serve our lobsters fresh on the day, and why we cannot always guarantee that you will be lucky enough to be served lobster at Christopher’s. (Another tip: if you wish to book a table and dine on our succulent lobster, tell us when you book.)

When eating lobster at home, you may need to store your lobster before cooking. Here is our number one tip for storage of a lobster:

  • Place the lobster in a tank of saltwater – a lobster will remain ‘fresh’ for between three and five days when stored this way. But remember, if you buy and cook on the same day, you’ll have a much better foodie experience.

As for storing cooked lobster:

  • Cooked lobster must always be refrigerated
  • Eat within two days
  • To keep the fresh taste, store in a plastic bag with as much air expelled as possible (vacuum packing is best) and place in the freezer

Prepping before cooking

Lobsters should be cooked live or immediately after they have been killed. You may have heard that they scream when put into boiling water. For a more humane method of cooking, you might:

  • Put in the freezer for an hour before cooking.
  • Use a knife to kill the lobster immediately before placing in the pot – plunge it into the area behind the lobster’s eyes. It will be dead, though its nervous system will still cause its legs to move for a short while.

Not sure how to cook lobster?

If you aren’t sure how to cook lobster, here’s the best tip we can give you this January:

Save yourself all the hassle of buying, storing, cooking and washing up. Join us at Christopher’s. We’ve struck an exceptional deal with our suppliers for January 2019. For only €18.95, you can relax in our restaurant and enjoy a three-course meal that includes:

  • A choice of three homemade starters
  • A main course of a 450-500 gram lobster dressed with garlic butter and lemon, or an 8-ounce rump steak, or a chicken breast stuffed with blue cheese and wrapped in bacon
  • A selection of desserts

Yes, you did read that right. €18.95 for a three-course lobster, steak or chicken lunch or dinner. What are you waiting for? Call Christopher’s on +34 600 01 28 24 to reserve your table today and make your January a special occasion.


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