fbpx How to dine out the Mediterranean way on the Orihuela Costa in summer

Relaxing at dinner enjoying company like the Spanish

Relax with a fine dining experience the locals love

People who live in Mediterranean countries have a different attitude to evening meals. They see the evening as one to be enjoyed. A time for families and friends to chat, nibble on desserts, and relax. To unwind and savour each other’s company at the end of an eventful day.

For many people from the UK and other Northern European countries, this attitude is alien to them. Most restaurants in Torrevieja and the Orihuela Costa cater for the influx of holidaymakers in the summer. They want you to eat the Northern European way: come in, order, eat, pay, out. This way, those restaurants can turn over a table three, perhaps four times a night. You end up with a rushed meal and indigestion.

Here at Christopher’s, we do things differently. We want you to relax. To enjoy your evening, like the locals do. So, when you book a table at Christopher’s, you’ll have that table the whole evening if you wish:

How to relax like the locals in a fine dining restaurant in Torrevieja

Here are a few tips for dining out like the locals when you’re on holiday on the Orihuela Costa:

1.      Make sure you all turn up on time

If you are dining with friends and travelling to the restaurant separately, make sure you synchronise. Arrive together, ahead of your reservation time. This way you’ll be sure that you get the best service – even in our relaxed atmosphere, our reservations are made so that we are able to dedicate time to each table. When a table is late, it kind of backs up the rest.

2.      If you want separate bills, let us know before you order!

If you wait until the end of your meal to say that you require separate bills, it’s going to cause confusion. Ask before you place your first order, and things will run smoothly from beginning to end.

3.      Take your time

Savour your food. Enjoy your company. Leave time between courses – and don’t be afraid to ask your waiter or waiting staff for a few more minutes. We’ll accommodate you.

4.      Enjoy a denouement, not an end, to your evening meal

Relax into the end of your evening. It’s not a rush to finish your dessert, pay, and be on your way. Enjoy a liqueur, or liqueur coffee. Tell jokes. Let the nostalgia flow. Allow your meal to settle. Enjoy your food, your wine, and your company. Feel like a local as you learn why so many expats have chosen to make this part of Spain their home – and why we’re so happy to serve them consistently all year round.

To book your table at Christopher’s, call us on (+34) 600 01 28 24

Yours in fine dining,



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