fbpx What wine should you pair with fish when dining in a Torrevieja restaurant?

what wine should you drink with fish?What wine should you pair with fish when dining in a Torrevieja restaurant?

Look beyond Chardonnay for exciting fish/wine combinations

If you’re eating healthily when you dine out, you may choose to have one of our flavourful fish dishes rather than meat. Just because you are eating fish, you don’t have to stick to the standby of Chardonnay as the accompanying wine. These wine and fish pairings may take you out of your comfort zone and away from your regular choice of wine. They will also enhance your experience, delighting your taste buds as the flavours of the wine and fish explode in your mouth.

Dover Sole with… Chablis

The deliciousness of Dover Sole should never be masked by the wine you drink with it. This is the classic fish to be served with Chardonnay or a crisp Sauvignon Blanc. However, when selecting your wine, be careful to choose one that has very subtle flavours – not too fruity. A dry, neutral wine such as Chablis works a treat to enhance the flavour of the fish.

Freshwater fish with… Pinot Noir

OK, so you’ve been taught only to pair fish with white wine. Here’s the exception that proves the rule: freshwater fish, particularly trout and salmon, can benefit from being accompanied by a light-bodied red, such as Pinot Noir. This has lower tannins than most other reds.

Pair a Pinot Noir with our oven-roasted salmon, in fresh lemon and rosemary, and you’ll discover hidden depths to both the fish and the wine.

A spicy fish dish with… Moscato

With its fruity aromas like peach, jasmine and vanilla, Moscato is usually considered to be a dessert wine. You should try pairing it with our salmon marinated in Cajun spices.

Spice and sweet is always a great combination. Savour the salmon, then take a sip of Moscato. The sweetness tones down the spice and adds an extra layer of extravagance to an exquisite dish.

Sea Bass with… Gamay Noir

Our sea bass, pan fried and served with homemade tartar sauce or lemon parsley butter, can also be paired with Pinot Noir or Gamay Noir, which has a slightly earthy taste with hints of banana and cherry. Gamay is an acidic wine, and will help to bring out the incredible flavour of the sea bass.

Smoked fish with… oaked wine

When pairing smoked fish with wine, remember the adage “smoke with oak”. However, not all oaked wines work equally well with all fish.

Smoked mackerel, for example, works with most oaked wines (especially a dry Vinho Verde). Rioja is great with smoked cod. Haddock is far trickier to pair with a wine. In fact, many would say it is best accompanied by water. But there is one wine that heightens the taste of smoked haddock. That wine is a simple Sauvignon Blanc.

Lobster with… Pinot Grigio

The go-to pairing for lobster is Chardonnay, but you should consider instead a Pinot Grigio. Its slight acidity acts like a lemon twist on the tongue, bringing out the meatiness of the lobster and helping it to sparkle.

It’s a great experience to pair different wines with different foods. Fish has always been the one that has flummoxed many. Move away from Chardonnay! Excite with a different white. Redefine with a carefully selected red wine. If in doubt, shout! Ask me which wine I would recommend for your chosen dish at the table. I’ll be pleased to offer my advice.

Cava goes with… Everything!

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