fbpx When did you last dine at a top-five fine dining restaurant in Torrevieja?

table laid in fine dining restaurant

When did you last dine at a top-five fine dining restaurant in Torrevieja?

“It’s great to know that your excellent meal is going to cost such a reasonable price”

There are many different styles of fine dining. As we described in a recent article, the best fine dining experience in Torrevieja is usually American. But, whatever the style of service, fine dining at its best has some common characteristics – the table will be pre-laid, and you should expect unobtrusive and attentive service.

Fine dining tables are laid and re-laid

As you walk into a fine dining restaurant, you’ll notice that the tables are pre-laid. Pristine table cloths, sparkling silverware, linen serviettes, and glasses that glisten. Tableware will be adjusted according to your order; for example, your main course knife will be replaced by a steak knife if you order a sirloin, or a fish knife if you order sea bass. Glasses will be taken away and replaced according to your drinks order.

When you finish your meal and depart, the entire table will be re-laid, including the tablecloth.

At the end of the night, all tables will have been re-laid for service the following day. Then, before the next service starts, your waiting staff will ensure that glasses and silverware are polished, and that serviettes are folded properly.

Service at the table should be ‘just so’

Now, to that unobtrusive yet attentive service. There’s a few things that you should expect from your waiting staff:

  • You will be escorted to your table
  • Open hand service – food is never passed across a guest, but instead from the diner’s left side
  • Protein (the meat or fish) should be presented facing you
  • You should be checked on, with the waiter or waitress asking if all is to your satisfaction
  • Ladies should be served first whenever possible
  • Conversation between the waiting staff and you should be friendly, but formal
  • Plates should be cleared from the right, wherever possible

The chef is also involved in your fine dining experience

Of course, the food is the main event. You’d expect the chef to be involved in ensuring the fine dining experience. This includes keeping abreast of current food trends, sourcing the best produce, avoiding fads, and listening to guests.

Our chef, Neil Lloyd, alters the menu to suit local produce available, and main courses are served with seasonal vegetables. We prepare two fresh soups each day, and you will find that we regularly offer a special main course.

Reconstructed menus

You may be aware of the fad for deconstructed dishes. Commonly, these are desserts – cheesecake with all the elements presented separately… or even upside down!

We haven’t deconstructed a single dish, but we have reconstructed our menus. For example, we’ve updated our menus so that guests now have an easier way to select their meals. We have two set price menus, and a Menu de Luxe. This provides a range of top-quality menu choices with easy-to-follow pricing and has been well received by our guests. For example:

  • ‘Bernard D’ recently posted a review of Christopher’s on TripAdvisor and said the quality of our “set price menu is well above average”
  • ‘Noreen K’ also commented on our set menu, saying, “There is a choice of starters, followed by a choice from two mains menus, each priced at around €25 including dessert.” She added, “It’s great to know that your excellent meal is going to cost such a reasonable price.”

Discover why Christopher’s is rated in the top five of more than 260 mid-range, fine-dining restaurants in Torrevieja and the surrounding area. Call Restaurante Christopher on (+34) 600 01 28 24 to reserve your table and avoid disappointment.


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