fbpx Where can you find magical music and delectable dinner in Torrevieja?

Music and dinner in Torrevieja

Where can you find magical music and delectable dinner in Torrevieja?

8 reasons why you’ll feel great after our next live music event

It can be difficult to find a single venue where you can enjoy live music and fine dining together in Torrevieja. Often, this means you must rush your dinner, and then travel on to another venue to sate your appetite for a spot of music and dancing.

Here at Christopher’s Restaurant, we’re known for the quality of the food we serve and our award-winning front of house service (Costa Blanca People Culinary Awards 2016). By popular demand, once a month this year, we’re extending our menu to include live music, allowing our guests to enjoy memorable music in the relaxed atmosphere of their favourite restaurant.

Here are eight reasons why you’ll feel great after joining us for this month’s evening of magical music and delectable dining on Wednesday 25th April.

1.      Eating out brings you together with your friends and family

Eating out at a quality restaurant is a treat, and affordable with our new three-course menus. Better still, it’s a perfect way to get together with friends and family to celebrate a special event, or simply to enjoy life that little bit more (something we all know about here in Torrevieja and on the Orihuela Costa).

If you have specific dietary requests, or are celebrating an event like a birthday or anniversary, a new job or retirement, let us know in advance. We’ll do our best to make your evening extra special.

2.      You get to sample new foods that you wouldn’t cook at home

Eating out is a great way to taste something or eat your favourite cuisine that is a little too much to prepare at home. No need to plan and prepare. No need to play with fancy cooking techniques that are alien to you. Save time, money, and effort: treat yourself to your favourite food or something a little different by eating out.

3.      Spend time with friends instead of with the oven and the sink

Do we need to say more?

4.      It’s incredibly good value to dine at Christopher’s

No need to shop for those special ingredients – the one’s that you’ll use once and never again. All that time saved and spent doing what you really want to do instead. Relax at your table at Christopher’s. Allow our waiting staff to take care of your needs. Discuss the menu with your guests, and choose the starters, main courses and desserts for each individual taste on the night.

You’ll save time and money. You’ll be more relaxed. You can each eat whatever you wish. And no washing up and clearing up to do after.

5.      Music – the great stress reducer

Music is a great stress reducer, helping to release stress hormones to lower your heart rate and blood pressure. That’s what the science boffins discovered in a study conducted by the Imperial College London.

6.      Music – the glue that binds community

Forget politics and religion, switch your focus to music. It’s the glue that binds us all. We all know those tunes, even if we’re not totally in tune with the words! Harmony brings harmony, as they say.

7.      It’s great exercise

Go on. Get up. Have a dance. It’s great exercise. It gets your blood flowing and burns those calories. Did you know that dancing to a few of your favourite tunes could be as beneficial as 30 minutes on a treadmill? Suddenly you don’t feel quite as guilty about that homemade dessert you treated yourself to!

8.      Well-fed with a sense of wellbeing

Music simply makes you feel better. Mentally and physically. And what better way to achieve wellbeing than by combining magical music with a fantastic fine dining experience?

Book your table for our next night of magical music and delectable dining. Don’t miss out. Call us on (+34) 600 01 28 24. Relax, treat yourself, and enjoy. The table will be yours for the night (as always at Christopher’s).

Yours in fine dining,

Sergiy and Neil


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